About Don Milton

Your EFT Coach

Don’s hallmark is his ability to cut through the emotional clutter to “the heart of the matter,” the core. Using a methodical and deliberate style, Don utilizes an extraordinary toolbox of skills, techniques and experience.

Don’s clients accelerate through the healing process, moving quickly and efficiently through pain, anxiety, depression, addictions, PTSD, and other emotional issues that have stagnated for years. These simple yet profound concepts have changed the lives of hundreds of people.

As far as eucatastrophic events go, Don Milton has had more than his fair share. Eucatastrophic is a word coined by J.R.R. Tolkien, and refers to “good” catastrophes. These catastrophes have the power to transform our lives in very positive and powerful ways. Don Milton’s life has been shaped and reshaped by these events. His passion is teaching and coaching others to experience the wisdom and opportunity within each of these challenges. His lifelong commitment is to empower his clients. He encourages them to live at their highest and best, to open the doors and embrace the unlimited possibilities.

These EFT videos are his way to introduce this powerful technique to more people in an easy and affordable manner.

An Interview With Don

  • q-iconWhen did you first try EFT, and what was that initial experience like for you?

    Before I learned about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) I had been studying Thought Field Therapy (TFT), which is another tapping technique. In 2003 I went to Los Angeles for a class in TFT. During the class we participated in demonstrations of TFT with each other and on ourselves. I was totally amazed at how quickly emotional issues could clear. I had already been studying mind-body-spirit techniques, so it wasn’t as unbelievable to me as it is to someone who is completely new to the concept. Even so, it was like an answer to a prayer.

    At the TFT class, I had been in touch with my spiritual guidance, and was told that I was supposed to focus on TFT full time. I considered it for the next two years but wasn’t ready to commit because I had recently gone through some financial problems and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to support myself. In January 2005 I was finally ready to make a full commitment to Emotional Freedom coaching, and never looked back. I have gotten more peace, love, and joy in my life than ever before.

  • q-iconWhich types of issues respond best to EFT tapping?

    Everything! Specific emotions like anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, fear, and guilt are the easiest to clear up with EFT. If you have a specific event that is causing one of these negative emotions, EFT is a superstar.

    Physical issues like pain, food cravings, and addictions can be resolved by EFT in the long term. In the short term, EFT can be used to eliminate cravings in the moment, which only takes about five minutes. In that type of situation, you don’t even have to worry about quitting for the rest of your life. Any time a physical pain or craving appears, you can use EFT to eliminate it.

    An effective, long-term approach to solving a physical problem is to use EFT to eliminate the emotional drivers that are behind it. Stopping a craving in the moment is very useful, but if you use EFT to resolve the underlying emotion, you can permanently solve the problem.

    Every household needs to know EFT. Just like you have a first aid kit or medicine in the house, you should also have EFT as a tool to use when needed.

  • q-iconHave you been able to use EFT to solve any of your own problems?

    When I got into EFT I was in a pretty healthy emotional place because I’d already been working with mind-body-spirit techniques for about 15 years. But later, I was in a car accident that left me in a coma for six weeks. During my recovery I felt angry, worthless, and often confused. I used EFT every day and was able to clear that thinking.

    Whenever I would feel low energy, frustrated, confused, or angry, I would just tap on it. It would help my energy level because while I was recovering in the hospital I was just flat on my back on a bed every day. Through the use of EFT, I was quickly able to get on with my life, rather than feeling regret and like a victim.

    Now I tap each day to calm my system as maintenance and prevention. It’s like a meditation and helps with stress levels, allows me to think more clearly, and have more energy.

  • q-iconCompare EFT to traditional healing practices such as talk therapy or medication.

    There’s really no comparison. The basic premise of EFT is that all negative emotions are caused by an imbalance in your energy system. This is very different from the approach taken by traditional Western medicine.

    When I’m working with someone with emotional issues, I don’t need to know their story. Traditional therapy attempts to resolve emotional issues through a very logical, cognitive approach. This often does not work because logic can’t solve emotional issues.

    Very few people even believe that EFT is going to work. I mean, who would? Who would believe that they’d experience so much relief after only such a short amount of time? EFT is extremely fast and there are no negative side effects.

    Unlike talk therapy or medicine, EFT can be learned and performed on your own, which is very empowering. You don’t have to rely on other people or substances to get relief.

    Most households have many monthly recurring healthcare costs, including gym memberships, massages, and paying for items like vitamins. Buying an EFT video is a one-time cost (with a guarantee!) that can provide healing for a lifetime.

  • q-iconHow would you describe your teaching/coaching style?

    First of all, I listen to people. I feel like I’m a very good listener, and I ask very direct questions. When I was recording my EFT video tutorials, I pretended that someone was sitting in front of me and I had 15 minutes to show them how to effectively use EFT. This gives the viewer a genuine, authentic experience.

    I like to teach concepts instead of rules and formulas. When I was an undergraduate I would tutor in math. I found that people who were struggling were never correctly taught the basic concepts. So my teaching style is to explain concepts and then show people different ways that they can implement those concepts. This is perfect for EFT because you can learn the basic EFT concept once and apply it to many emotional and physical problems in your life.

  • q-iconHow are your EFT videos different from others on the market?

    What I have consistently heard from people who have used my videos is that I explain the process very simply, and that people can easily use the videos to immediately get results.

    Other videos don’t explain the process of focusing on a specific event and a specific emotion. For example, if you focus on your anger without a specific event associated with that anger, you won’t get very good results. My videos show you how to quickly eliminate a negative emotion that’s attached to a specific event in your past, which is extremely effective.

  • q-iconWhat would you say to a skeptic who doesn't believe in EFT?

    I’m not interested in trying to convince anyone of anything. EFT is one of those things that you just have to experience to understand.

    So I wouldn’t say anything other than to check out the testimonials from people who have used my videos. There is no risk in trying one of my videos because there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. The only risk is if you don’t try it because then you’ll never know about something that could have been very valuable to you.

  • q-iconWhat is the most important thing you hope to accomplish by offering your EFT videos online?

    I hope to give people an “ah-ha” experience of what’s possible in the realm of emotional and physical healing. I want to provide a method of healing that is fast, effective, and has no negative side effects. EFT is a tool that can be used in your family’s everyday life, including for your children.

    My videos are made with love and authenticity, and I know people will feel that.