Proper Use of EFT

EFT is a great technique to know and use for a variety of physical pains and emotional upsets and the process appears to be so simple that often folks do not use it correctly and wrongly decide that it will not work for them and discard a valuable tool. Just like any tool, the more you use it and the better you understand the basic concepts about how to use it then your skill increases greatly.

Basic EFT requires that you focus on a specific event or issue and then specific aspects of the event or issue. My videos show you exactly how to do this and as you begin to have more positive experiences with basic EFT then you will move into more of an intuitive understanding of how to use it and improve your results even more. Give it a try and all you have to lose is some physical pains or emotional baggage!

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Don Milton

Don Milton is an EFT coach specializing in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Matrix reimprinting, and other related energy healing methods.

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