Are You an Ideal Candidate for EFT?

Are you an ideal candidate for EFT? See if you have these 5 traits.

EFT isn’t for everyone. Ideal candidates for EFT share the following five traits:

1.They have an open mind and willingness to try new things

Even though emotional freedom technique could help everyone, at this point in time EFT is out on the edge of accepted reality. There are those who are willing to look beyond mainstream medicine and embrace alternative healing techniques, and there are those who are not. There’s nothing wrong with that — everyone is here on Earth having their own experiences. But if you are solidly convinced that modern Western medicine is the only way to go, EFT will never work for you because you will already be sure that it won’t.

2. They have tried other methods to solve their problems, which have failed

Alternative medicine is often something people turn to when traditional avenues have failed. EFT actually can be used to prevent issues from becoming so bad that they require traditional doctors and therapists, but if you’ve already manifested a problem, and nothing you’ve tried to far has worked, then you’re in a great position for EFT to be of value to you. Sometimes when we’ve almost given up, we’re in the best position to move past our blocks because we’ve released some resistance to change. We’d love for people to find EFT before spending a lot of time and money on other solutions, but as long as they get here in the end, that’s what matters.

3. They are genuinely ready to heal

No method of healing will work, at least not very well, if you’re not really ready for it. People will very often purchase self-help books and then never read them. They just sit on a shelf. The person is interested in the premise enough to actually buy the book, but isn’t really ready to change so they don’t follow through with reading it. We’ve seen the same thing happen with our EFT videos. Someone will be very excited about EFT, continue to be excited when they get the video, and then they just never even watch it. This happens when the person just hasn’t shifted their energy enough to be on the frequency of healing. They’re still stuck in the problem.

4. They are do-it-yourselfers

Emotional freedom technique is a hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of therapy. This is especially true with our video tutorials. Even though Don walks you through the process and makes it very easy, you’re still the one going through the process. EFT asks that you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. It requires that you use your hands to physically remove energy blockages in your body. This feels very different than traditional therapy or medicine that only requires you to take pills. It can even be a little scary because EFT quickly moves energy, and if you’re not the type of person to take matters into your own hands, and especially if you’re not quite ready to heal, you might feel overwhelmed or exposed.

5. They have studied metaphysics or alternative healing in the past

This one isn’t completely necessary, but it helps. Those who already have a foundation of knowledge about subjects such as the Law of Attraction, “new age” spirituality, or alternative medicine will be more open to EFT. That’s just a nice bonus because it means they will be able to benefit from it more quickly than someone who needs more time to warm up to it. Because, let’s be honest, EFT seems pretty wacky at first. Most people’s initial reaction is, “How could tapping on my face possibly do anything?” If you’re at least open to trying it, you can find out for yourself whether it does anything or not 🙂

Our series of EFT video tutorials covers 17 different topics. See which one will help you. You can also get 3 free videos showing people’s first-time experience with EFT.

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Don Milton

Don Milton is an EFT coach specializing in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Matrix reimprinting, and other related energy healing methods.

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