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What is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a cutting edge, quick and effective method of tapping on meridian points with your finger tips that has been around for over 20 years and is used by professionals and lay people to significantly reduce and/or eliminate all sorts of negative emotions, addictions, physical pains, and remove mental blocks to peak performance in business or sports

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Effectively reduce or eliminate your need for smoking, chewing, or dipping without the withdrawal and you will notice a big difference within a few days of using the EFT process as described in the video.

Learn how to effectively and quickly release anger from your thinking and the toxic effect that it has on your energy system and your relations with people.

We all have stress and anxiety in our lives which adversely affects us and can cause physical problems. EFT is a proven way to significantly reduce this in your life.

Depression is often a term given to describe issues that are caused from unresolved emotions. EFT is not the total solution for this and is a great addition to whatever else you may be doing and this will give you some ah ha experiences.

You have to experience this for yourself to believe it. One moment you can be highly craving a food or drink and a few minutes later you don’t really even want it and it may smell or taste different and not appealing as you change your energy vibration to the source of your craving.

See how to use EFT to often reduce or eliminate back pain and other physical pains in your body.  A great thing to try first before medications or other methods that require travel and expense to see a therapist.

Learn how to remove any mental blocks and be able to perform to your full skill and experience level in whatever business you practice. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs or anyone working on a commission basis and can make a huge difference in your results and the ease of achieving them.

Another catch all term that seems to have lots of emotional connections and often trauma around the time that the symptoms first started showing up. This video will give you a different perspective on this issue and a tool to have your own experiences that could lead to some real and lasting results.

Remove the heaviness that grief can create without forgetting about what caused the grief.  Allows you to clear the darkness and reconnect with the joy of whatever you are grieving.

Experience removing or significantly reducing all the guilt from your past and feeling lighter, happier, and freer in the process.

Works well for all sorts of headaches including severe migraines and can eliminate the agony of this without medications.  An inexpensive option that works often and well enough to have in your home health care kit.

EFT is one of the best ways to get into better and healthier regular sleep patterns and just takes a few minutes each night before going to bed. Use it each night for a couple of weeks and see if you don’t agree.

Shows you how to use EFT to perform at your best whatever your skill level happens to be.  The best method for dealing with the mental part of your game that I have come across over the years.

This shows you how to do EFT for other people and animals effectively while getting benefits for yourself at the same time. Only purchase this if you know how to use EFT for yourself already either from one of my other videos or some other way. It is amazing enough to tap on yourself for some issue and get quick relief and even more so when you are tapping on yourself and some person or animal gets a change.

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